ThickLeeyonce On The #BrutallyYou Series + More!

Brutally You

Lesego Legobane, popularly known as Thickleeyonce was recently announced as part of the #BrutallyYou campaign – a digital series that is made up of 5 episodes featuring 5 women who are challenging the status quo by being brutally themselves. We chatted to her about the campaign and her role in it.

Tell us a bit about the Brutally You Series and your role in it.


The #BrutallyYou series is a campaign that celebrates women that are unapologetically themselves! I love this campaign because it champions what I believe in, which is not caring about societal standards and loving yourself regardless of what anyone says or think. In this campaign, I share my story and the importance of self- acceptance and I hope it inspires someone to love who they are, flaws and all!

ThickLeeyonce Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Why do you think it’s important to have campaigns such as these more often?

In a world that’s constantly telling us who to be, it’s important to have these conversations even if they make others uncomfortable. It is important to have such campaigns so that other women / girls can learn and understand how liberating it is to be yourself!

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What else do you have in the pipeline?

I’m working on a plus size lingerie line; I’m also looking into getting on radio and creating more amazing visual content on my social media platforms!

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