These Afrikaans Boys Started A Boyband After An Image Of Them Went Viral On Social Media

South Africans are the best! After a photograph of three Afrikaans men went viral on social media (thanks to their Proudly South African outfit choices), the trio have taken their newfound fame to the next level and started an Afrikaans boy band. Now, the trio who go under the name JAN JAN JAN have just released their debut single.

The phenomenon started earlier this year when comedian Donovan Goliath tweeted a photograh of the men and asked his followers to give them a rap name. Naturally, many commented and suggested that their name should include something with the world ‘vleis’ which means meat in Afrikaans. However, when one user commented “I want wys jou vleis pants for myself,” the game changed forever for the boys.

Made up of KleinJan, FrisJan en Langjan, the trio have now released their debut single ‘Wys Jou Vleis’. The single is the group’s tongue-in-cheek debut single which, naturally, is laced with a very traditional Boere music undertone. The single is fun and proves that you don’t need to take yourself too seriously to make music for people to sokkie to.


JAN JAN JAN have also premiered the track’s official music video and it seems ‘Wys Jou Vleis’ is well on its way to becoming a summer smash.