Thembisa Mdoda Opens Up About Her Sisters

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Thembisa Mdoda, the beautiful and talented host of reality wedding show Our Perfect Wedding, gives us the skinny on the Mdoda sisterhood. Here’s how our heartwarming chat went down…

Thembisa, what was it like growing up with your sisters?
We were always together. We got up to mischief together, we laughed together, played together – we did everything together. The best part of it all is that we gave grown together. They are truly a part of my life that I can’t live without them!

promise with her mdoda sisters

That’s beautiful! So tell us, what do you love and admire most about each of your sisters?
Unathi is the oldest and is our voice of reason and the cornerstone of our home. She puts us first, sometimes at the expense of her own happiness. I admire how selfless she is. Anele is a firecracker and a go-getter. I admire how in tune she is with herself and her surroundings. You can’t shake her. Most of all she is loving and giving, and incredibly strong. She’s the ‘leave her/him to me’ sister. Also she pushes us all to be independent and fighters. So much like our mom. Zamalisa is our baby but she would take on all our burdens if she could. She is sharp yet sensitive but doesn’t take nonsense either. She is a dreamer and I love that about her. The world is her oyster. She is an amalgamation of every one of us.

thembisa with her mdoda sisters

They all sound amazing! Share a time when all your sisters came through for you in ways you never dreamed of or imaged.
That’s easy. Every week they do that – in small and in big ways – be it with my kids, work and emotionally, they stay ready.

That’s pretty awesome! So how do you and your sisters complement each other? 
I’d say we’re like the Power Rangers, and when we come together to make that big, powerful robot – we’re unstoppable! So there’s no me without them.

mdoda sisters ar like the power rangers

Stunning! Share a time when each of your sisters called you out and you love them more for that.
When I was being abused and kept quiet about it.

That’s deep! Share some of your favourite memories with your sisters.
There are so many but our recent trip to Europe has to be one amazing memory because:

1. We were with our Captain Awesome, our dad.

2. We shared it with our kids.

3. We remembered our mom in so many ways.

thembisa and anele mdoda

Priceless! So how do you and your sisters make up after a bad argument?
Unathi is our glue and she sticks us back together, but because we have a foundation that is strong and built by our parents we never dwell on arguments. We prefer to laugh.

Yes, to laughter indeed! Has anybody tried to come between you and your sisters?
They don’t have the guts.

Hahahaha! Love it! Share the funniest moment that you’ve experienced with your sisters that still gets you all in stitches to this day.
Oooh! We were in Paris at the airport and some bags were overweight. I will not mention whose😂. She had to unpack everything, buy new bags and re-do the packing into five different bags at the check-in station; she was on the floor sweating and making sure every designer item was accounted for.

mdoda sisters on holiday

Epic! So what do you love most about having sisters?
They’re an army and a force. They are love personified!

Love it! Do you and your sisters have a sisterhood code?
I don’t believe in these Dos and Don’ts. I think sisterhood is hearts and souls, in bodies, coming together. That connection leads you in how you act around and with each other.

True. If you were to write a love note to all your sisters, appreciating them and their presence in your life, what would it say?
Dear MSH
Dinner at Wombles?

Awesome and thanks for the chat Thembisa. Ladies and gents, keep up with Thembisa on social media.




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