The Legendary Lance James Releases New Single ‘Don’t Let The Old Man In’

He’s one of the most iconic South African musicians and after some time away from the limelight, Lance James is back with a bang. Lance has just premiered his brand-new single ‘Don’t Let The Old Man In’ – the lead single off his upcoming album ‘Swansong’.

The lead single is an iconic retelling of the Toby Keith composition which featured in the box office smash ‘The Mule’. Lance showcases his exceptional tone on the single and effortlessly makes the track his own – something every artist strives for.

The cover is the first of many exceptional retellings fans can expect on the star’s upcoming album. ‘Swansong’ is set to feature an array of South African guest artists ranging from the critically acclaimed vocal trio The Mahotella Queens, Cito from Wonderboom, pop darling Bianca Blanc, iconic Clout front woman Cindy Alter, Martin Rocka on guitars, Blackie Swart, SAMA winning icon Nianell, Liza Bronner, Platinum selling artist Elizma and many more!


“When country music superstar Toby Keith played golf with 88 year old Hollywood film legend Clint Eastwood he was amazed by Clint`s get-up-and go active lifestyle and asked Clint what his secret was. Clint replied “ You don`t let the old man in”. Inspired by this phrase Keith rushed home and penned this poignant heartfelt song about not letting anything stand in your way, no matter how old you are. Now 81, South Africa`s own music legend Lance James heard the song and it resonated with him so deeply that he rushed into the studio to record it as part of his much-anticipated new album, which musically takes a quantum leap forward in song choice, style and production,” legendary record executive and radio host Benjy Mudie says of the song. “Backed by country rocker Jason Bradley on guitar and vocals, Sez Adamson on pedal steel and producer Matthew Fink on keyboards Lance brings an aching gravitas to “Don`t let the old man in”, the product of nearly 60 years on the road and a life well lived…”

Watch the lyric video for ‘Don’t Let The Old Man Live’ here: