The Bachelor SA’s Marc Buckner Puts A Ring On Marisia In Romantic Season Finale

The second season of The Bachelor South Africa came to an end last night with one romantic proposal – but it wasn’t without some heartbreak as well. In the dramatic season finale, Marc Buckner asked shy 24-year-old speech therapist Marisia Van Wyk to continue their relationship as he broke things off with 31-year-old travel agent Bridget Marshall.

The final episode saw the final two girls enjoy their time with Marc at the romantic Kapama Resort in the Kruger National Park.


The first thing I noticed is how beautiful you are, then you made it so difficult to get to know you. You ran away from me,” Marc told Marisia as he asked her to be his wife. “Then we went on our dates together and every second I spent with you, I wanted to spend more time with you. And that date when you came off the horse, it triggered something in me – I realised how much I care for you. I think we make a great couple and, I don’t want this journey to end with you. I’ve really fallen for you. There’s just something with you that I’ve never felt with anyone before.”

Marc then reached out and gave Marisia a ring saying “I really am falling for you, and I want to ask if you will accept this as a symbol of a relationship that I think is so amazing and I would like it to keep going forward,” to which an emotional Marisia responded, “I will”.

Marisia added “Okay, so, uhm wow, I don’t have words. I think I came onto this journey, and uhm yoh it’s been tough. But if anything, I’ve really fallen for you. And, I don’t know, there’s just something with you that I have never felt with anyone before, which is good for me. And I know there is this age gap, but it doesn’t really mean anything to me because I think my feelings for you mean so much more. So, I just want to focus on that and focus on us and then hopefully grow together.”

Since the romantic moment, Marc and Marisia have moved in together into an apartment in Cape Town and have been self-isolating together – something that has been really great for their relationship. We both thought it would be a great idea to move in together during lockdown. Because you know, when you’re not seeing each other and it’s the beginning of a relationship, it’s hard to build that trust and to have that trust going without knowing that that person’s there. Because you can imagine, any relationship, in the beginning, you spend as much time together as possible,” Marc tells us.

Marc’s dog Luna has also taken a liking to Marisia and the couple confirmed that they may be adding another pooch to their family sometime soon. After the show wrapped filming, the couple managed to sneak in a trip to Thailand before the lockdown commenced and are using this time to grow their relationship outside of the pressures of the mansion.

Meanwhile, Bridget adds that now that she has had time to process the break-up, she is happy for Marc and Marisia. “It’s been so long since that happened in my life that I did cry a lot, I mean of course I was upset. It’s only natural and normal for me to be upset about the situation. I’ve had the time to kind of heal and move on and ja, I’m in a good place and I’m happy and I’m happy for them and I love both of them. So ja, I’m not angry. I don’t want to fight with him, because I don’t hate you, Marc,” she said candidly during an interview with Marc and Jason.

Marc and Marisia’s journey has been beautiful to watch and we wish them the very best as they continue their love story.