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Takkies Talks Love And Being Engaged!

takkies and chris kiss

takkies and chris dinwiddy

Ladies and gents, Takkies is oficially engaged! We’re hearing wedding bells ringing left, right and centre. The powerful force behind the brand RockingnHeels is getting hitched and she can’t contain her joy. We caught up with the local talented beauty who modelled for us recently. She gave us the skinny on the love of her life and how he popped the question.

takkies and chris dinwiddy

“Prior to my birthday, I had told Chris that I wanted to go away for my birthday this year – just the two of us. The reason for that is because last year I had a dinner with friends and as much as it was my birthday, I didn’t really enjoy it because I was hosting. This time round was really special. Chris booked and organised everything. I honestly had no idea that he was going to propose. He caught me off guard!” shares the blushing and beautiful bride-to-be.

takkies and chris dinwiddy at the spa

Curiosity got the better of us and we asked Takkies to give us the inside scoop. We request her to start from the beginning and tell us how it all happened and she breaks it down,”My birthday was amazing and relaxing. My baby checked us in to the River View Spa, and since we got there in the evening, we didn’t really see the place. In the morning of my birthday, we had breakfast then napped and afterwards, we had a full body massage. The massage was out of this world! We had a picnic there after. I was just thanking him for a flawless birthday and he got nervous. He pretended to take pics then he went down on one knee. He was like,”My love, you are my forever, you know that right?” That time, I was so dumbstruck, confused and I was like,”Darling, are you sure?” We ended up both crying and of course I said,”YES!” Looked at the ring and was like,”It’s HUGE!”.

takkies and chris dinwiddy

When we asked her how she felt being newly engaged, love-struck Takkies passionately responded,”Guys, I’m so happy…in every sense of the word. It feels so natural. I’m more of myself and I’m satisfied knowing he’s all mine. I’m marrying my bestie and couldn’t be happier!”

takkies is engaged

The soon-to-be Mrs Dinwiddy has confirmed that lobola is being finalised at the end of this month and she and her man will make things official at Home Affairs by the end of this year, 2016.  She further went on to share with us that the traditional wedding will take place early 2017 and that the white wedding celebrations would be some time towards the end of 2017. All is yet to be confirmed, however, we are very happy for the lovebirds and wish them all the best in their new journey!

takkies and chris dinwiddy

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