Stephen Moyer On His Role On ITV’s Safe House

by Michael Sekhu
safe house

True Blood’s Stephen Moyer plays the lead role in the ITV Choice series Safe House, series two of which premiered on the channel yesterday, February 6 at 20h00. Moyer is the charismatic yet impulsive ex-police officer Tom Brook who runs a police safe house, which stands at the edge of the sea on the rugged coastline of Anglesey, a wild and beautiful sanctuary. Here he answers some questions about the show and more.

What I Like About Safe House

“Tom Brook on the surface is a solid, confident, happy man. But there is something lurking under the surface from his past that he has managed to hide. Having been a police officer, he’s now helping to run a safe house and has re-invented a new life for himself. That’s as close as he’s getting to police work. He and his partner are also running a little sailing school and that’s paying the bills. But he’s almost like a sleeper agent. He’s living his life and he’s fine. Then he catches a piece of news that brings something from his past back into his life. It’s almost like he’s been switched back on and he cannot stop himself from becoming active and alive again. I was really drawn to the idea that we have ghosts in our machinery. That we think we are somehow cured from. And yet along comes something that changes perception”.

safe house

I lived On A Boat For Seven Years

“I lived on a boat for seven years in Little Venice in London. Although obviously that was not a sailing boat. My one bit of sailing experience prior to this was in Italy in 2008 where I went out to sea in a catamaran with my two older kids, got caught in a gale and had to be rescued. I was trying to get back to the shore and got caught in this thing. The kids were smiling and laughing and thinking I was totally in control. But actually we were careering out to sea. A speedboat came and rescued us. The kids don’t remember”.

Safe House Has A Stunning Opening Sequence

“Our director Marc Evans directs films so the opening sequence is not what you’d expect to see on a TV show. I couldn’t believe what we did. I had a couple of sailing lessons, they put me in the boat with Zoë Tapper, who plays my partner Sam, and they set us loose… a drone followed us and filmed us as we sailed out to sea. We were in this beautiful 1920’s wooden sailing boat. That opening sequence is incredible”.

Safe House Was Filmed In Liverpool, Manchester And Wales

“We filmed The Bastard Executioner in Wales in 2015. And 20 years ago my very first feature film was the one I mentioned earlier, Prince Valiant with Katherine Heigl, Joanna Lumley and Edward Fox. When I went back to Wales in 2015, my wife Anna (Paquin) and I moved the family into this cottage in a beautiful little village called Cowbridge. We brought my dogs over and had this extraordinary summer and fell in love with Wales. So the fact we were doing the second part of this shoot in Wales made me very happy. My dogs have also been here again for Safe House, they speak fluent Welsh now.”



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