Stay Skinny – Nonhle Thema Style!

Nonhle Thema

Nonhle, please share your weight loss journey with us: the highs and lows.
My weight loss journey has been a fun ride challenge and so rewarding. I love taking control of myself and working on being a better version of me.

What is your relationship with the scale? 
My relationship with the scale is rather amusing . The scale constantly surprises me – in a good way.

How has the Tranqualite Skinny wellness programme helped you overcome some of your weight challenges?
Since being introduced to Tranquilite my life has changed for the better. The pills have assisted in melting away my stubborn fat especially in my tummy area. As moms we all have a challenge to get our tummies flat again after babies, but Tranquilite has helped me achieve this easily.

Nonhle Thema

Please share healthy food options for maintaining one’s weight over the any holiday season.
With Tranquilite you can still enjoy your meals, but I always recommend to avoid any bad eating – everything in moderation, and drink more water and natural juices then artificial and fizzy drinks.

What does a day of your typical meal plan look like? 
My meal plans vary but my intake of Tranquilite capsules stays the same. I wake up to take two coconut oil capsules and one La Diva Dor capsule to get my metabolism going. Then after a meal, I take one Serenity capsule to help me digest my meal easily to avoid bloating after a meal. In the evening after eating, just as I’m about to sleep, I take two Skinny capsules to melt away any unwanted fat as I sleep.

Which exercises can one do from the comfort of one’s home in conjunction with the Tranqualite Skinny wellness programme?
I enjoy combining workouts with my Tranquilite capsule programme. I jog and do easy tummy workouts at home. I enjoy working out outdoors, henceI decided on hosting boot camps for all women who want to train together in groups outdoors.

Nonhle Thema

Share some of the feedback from women you know personally who have used the Tranqualite Skinny wellness program.
Most of my followers and women in my club have joined me on my Tranquilite Programme and they send me messages thanking me for helping them change their lives, as weight is something we are all struggling with. They appreciate me introducing them to the product and sharing my programme and diet with them.

What is your message to women who are struggling with their weight but are thinking about trying the Tranqualite Skinny wellness programme?
I recommend women who are struggling with weight to join me in using this revolutionary product. It’s natural – there are no side effects. It’s super safe for everyone – men or women. I’ve been using the product for over six months now and people can see how good I look now. I’m living proof of the results, which are guaranteed. I lost over 12 kgs – so that’s incredible. Also my skin has been glowing because of the coconut oil  capsules which work on the skin and body. Everyone should try them. And you can thank me later!

Nonhle Thema and Rookaya

For more details on the Tranqualite weight loss programme contact Rookaya Joosab on her mobile number 082 775 7786 and her email address is [email protected] Keep up with slaying and sizzling celeb mom Nonhle on social media.


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