Skeem Saam’s Candice On Going Vegan!

by Michael Sekhu

Liza van Deventer, who’s known to many as Candice Erasmus on SABC 1’s Skeem Saam, isn’t just into acting and dancing. The actress is vegan, a dedicated on in fact, for over 5 years. Here she chats to us about the benefits of a plant based diet and why she chose that route.

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Gratitude changes everything ?

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What made you go vegan?

I went vegan in 2013 when I was living in LA because I watched documentaries on the meat and dairy industry and seeing how the animals get treated and the effect that it can have on your health changed my idea about the food we eat and what happens to it. So basically, it’s because of animal cruelty and in my opinion the healthiest lifestyle to live.

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This raw image by @andy_redekop ??✨?

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A lot of people have their own perceptions of misconceptions about a plant based diet, what do you wish people knew about it?

There’s a misconception that vegans are people who are not strong, lack protein or don’t have muscles not knowing that the winner of the ‘World Strongest Man’ is vegan. I recently did a few tests and I have no iron deficiency whatsoever.

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Mermaid 4 lyf ??‍♀️

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