Siba Bags International Award!

by Michael Sekhu

Congratulations to local celebrity chef Siba Mtongana who announced that she’s won an award for her television show Siba’s Table at the New York Festival & Film Awards 2019.

Siba Mtongana

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Siba shared the exciting news through social media, revealing that this is the 5th award she’s received for the show thus far in the US alone. Levels!
Each episode of her show re-creates a chapter of Siba’s life, drawing from experiences ranging from her childhood to her time working as a food editor.

Siba Mtongana

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The featured recipes also take inspiration from local artisans and the local restaurant scene. Episodes include a feast for three generations of family at a first birthday celebration for Siba’s child, and a date night for Siba and husband Brian featuring a romantic menu of his favourite foods.

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