Sho Madjozi Reflects On Making An Impact Globally

The world can’t seem to get enough of South African singing sensation Sho Madjozi. Her COLORS performance of ‘John Cena’ has over 4.4 million views on YouTube, was played during a WWE wrestling match and John Cena himself danced to the song on The Ellen DeGeneres show. All this attention has introduced Sho Madjozi to a global audience and in a new interview with Billboard, the star opens up about her impact.

“It makes a big difference if you see a [guy like] Trevor Noah becoming a success internationally, or [SA DJ-producer] Black Coffee,” she says. “It does a lot to people’s self-esteem, like, ‘Whoa, finally these people see us as equals’. It makes a lot of Africans proud and happy when they see you getting that recognition. It’s hard to tell people, ‘Be proud of yourself,’ if the rest of the world is like, ‘But you ain’t sh*t’.”

The star adds that her COLORS performance was one of the most organic things in the world – and she never expected the impact it would have. “I just went to Colors and performed. The responses that came after that I did not expect. I am glad that people are finally giving me props as I have been hard at work, pushing myself to get where I am today. But I believe that globally I am still on the come up.”


Here’s to an even bigger global impact! Congrats, Sho Madjozi!