Sho Madjozi: “I’m Not Dating Sjava”

Both Sho Madjozi and Sjava have has a massive year as both their new albums have done incredibly well and won a string of important awards over the past few months. However, after posting some images together, fans started wondering if there was more to the two’s relationship than meets the eye.

One of the pictures in question sees Sjava touching Sho Madjozi’s hair while her hand rested on his chest.

However, when fans started asking on social media if the two were in a relationship, the ‘Huku’ hitmaker quickly shot down the rumours. “He was removing glitter from my hair and I was removing lint from his sweater. A Zulu king and a Tsonga princess looking out for each other. it’s sweet. I can see why you guys want it to be a love story,” she says.

While the star explained why the two looked so close in the image, some fans didn’t buy her explanation. “Hay we are not jealous and we are not judging, go for it guys, this is more than just looking out for each other,” one fan tweeted. Another added “The village (Facebook ) has already concluded that you guys are an item.”

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