Sho Madjozi Drops The ‘Idhom’ Music Video

by El Broide

Sho Madjozi had an incredible weekend taking home the prestigious Newcomer of the Year and Female of the Year awards at this year’s South African Music Awards and to celebrate, the star has dropped the official music video to her brand-new single ‘Idhom’.

The song is a not-so-subtle dig to an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart when he cheated on her a few years ago. Sho Madjozi acknowledges that he probably regrets the decision now that she’s successful and famous.

The star confidently shares her story over a banging gqom production by producer Tboy Da Flame and it’s clear that she has another smash hit on her hands.

However, despite becoming one of the country’s biggest pop stars over the past year, Sho Madjozi hasn’t let fame get to her head – as seen in the track’s official music video. In the clip, the singer rocks out with the kids from her hometown Shirley Village in Limpopo. The video is raw and was shot on a mobile phone before being edited with some epic graphics to give it that extra edge.

The single is the next after a string of hits off Sho Madjozi’s ‘Limpopo Champions League’ and her rise to fame has been such an exciting one to watch.

Check out the ‘Idhom’ music video here:

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