SEE PICS: Chad & Kelly Khumalo Get Baptized!


This couple is really serious hey!

Chad Da Don

We all thought rapper Chad Da Don and singer Kelly Khumalo were taking us for a ride when they first announced that they were an item, but it turns out they’re serious. At least that’s how it seems at this stage.

Kelly Khumalo

Following their marriage, the two recently got baptized – that’s right, we’re as shocked as you are. The ceremony happened yesterday as millions of South Africans hit the polls to cast their votes.

Chad Da Don

“Today was a very special day for my husband and I, we got baptized together as a couple to signify our commitment to each other and Gods purpose for our lives, who better to do it than @atboshoff a man of God that both my husband and I love respect and admire.” Wrote Kelly Khumalo on her Instagram.

Okay, we’re confused now, if this is all for publicity then why would they go through such great lengths? Anyway, only time will tell.

If this is indeed real, then we’re wishing them all the best.

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