Seamus Is The First Contestant Voted off Survivor South Africa: Philippines

Seamus Holmes

An “Ace” up some tribe members’ sleeves resulted in a surprise tribal council result in the very first strategy-packed and fast-paced episode of Survivor South Africa Philippines. Even though he played the South African version of the “greatest game on Earth with gusto right from the moment he set foot on the island, property broker Seamus Holmes, 25, from Durban, became the first castaway to be voted off this season at tribal council.

Being an unapologetic villain, strategist and super fan of the Survivor worldwide franchise, Seamus planned to tell lies and orchestrate blindsides aplenty. Little did he know how his fellow Survivors would turn his craving for chaos into his own demise.

Survivor SA


When his tribe, Luzon, lost the immunity challenge – and the reward of fire – to tribe Mindanao, everything was going Seamus’s way. Friendly “misfit” and down-to-earth guy-next-door Ace was the tribe’s obvious target after he and adventure camp manager Tom didn’t live up to their expectations during the fire-making challenge. In a genius move at the time, Seamus then started to plot against Tom, whom he quickly identified as a master of playing the social side of the game.

It seemed as if everyone was buying into the plan to blindside Tom. In the meantime, however, Tom’s friend Chané, who believed that it was not Tom’s time to go yet, persuaded her bestie Annalize that they had what it took to give Seamus a little bit of his own medicine – blindsiding him! To pull this off they had to tell Tom about Seamus’s strategy and in an unforeseen chain of events, Tom decided to confront the puppet master. That left the tribe divided with a group forming around Tom and others sticking to Seamus’ alliance. The tables were now turned as the man at the top of the pack of cards – the swing vote whose decision at tribal council would seal either Tom or Seamus’ fate – was now none other than the tribe’s initial target, Ace.