Sbahle Mpisane Heading Into Reality TV?

by El Broide

After her horrific car accident last year, Sbahle Mpisane is on the mend. She has recently been posting images of herself undergoing physiotherapy, adjusting to life in a wheelchair and working hard to get her life back on track. Now, we may see a glimpse of Sbahle’s recovery as the star has reportedly been filming scenes for her parents’ upcoming reality show ‘Durban Royalty’.

The series follows Sbahle’s father and stepmom S’bu and Shauwn Mpisane as they live their fabulous lives in the popular South African city. The couple is known to be incredibly wealthy and the show will document Shauwn’s day-to-day life. Insiders add that Sbahle and her brother Andile are both expected to make appearances in the series as well.

Shauwn has been in the public eye a lot after her businesses have reportedly received over R1.1 billion in government tenders. Shauwn and S’bu have also found themselves in hot water and have had multiple court appearances over the past decade because SARS claims that both the business partners owe around R141 million in taxes.

Production on the show began over three months ago and Shauwn reveals that “People will see the growth of Andile as a businessman and Good Samaritan and his music career. They will also see the recovery of my daughter in the series.”

Insiders add that the show will also shed light on S’bu and Shauwn’s marital troubles. The couple reportedly filed for divorce just six months after the former Tropika Island Of Treasure star’s horrific car accident and its something that is expected to also play a big role in the new series.

Are you excited to tune into ‘Durban Royalty’?

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