Phelo Bala Reminisces On Coming Out

Local music star Phelo Bala has been in the news lately for coming out and finally feeling free enough to share his relationship with Moshe Ndiki on social media. However, in a lengthy Instagram post, the star revealed that coming out wasn’t an easy decision for him. For Phelo, he has to take into consideration his relationships, being treated differently and not getting certain gigs because he is gay before coming out. However, as South Africa celebrates Pride Month this month, Phelo reveals that nothing is better than finally being able to live your truth.

“Coming out was never easy,” Phelo said in the post. “I’ve had to deal with people viewing me differently, backlash, homophobia, losing business because I now not fit the “criteria”.


Phelo adds that “Living a lie was not what I wanted for my life, especial if I wanted to grow mentally and emotionally. Life is hard enough as it for me to imprison myself and hide who I really am. The upside is that I now have peace. Peace with myself and I focus my energy on those that truly love me because there will always be someone that loves you for YOU!”

Today, Phelo and Moshe are engaged and are busy planning their wedding. While they have yet to confirm a wedding date, we are sure that it’s going to be one for the books.