Pearl Thusi: “I Have No Bad Vibes Towards Bonnie Mbuli”


There are no bad vibes here! While Pearl Thusi and Bonnie Mbuli had a heated exchange on social media a few months ago over colourism, Pearl recently revealed that while they did, in fact, have a disagreement, Pearl has no bad feelings towards Bonnie.

“Unless I’m extremely passionate about the topic, for example, the conversation about actors being underpaid, then I can’t be like, no, I’m not getting involved,” Pearl says. “But I feel like I’m not the type of person who is able to lay down what they think or feel about a certain situation in 140 characters, and to people that have already made up their minds about me or the situation, or people who aren’t ready or willing to listen.”

She adds that despite the unfortunate twar, she doesn’t harbour any negative feelings to the former Afternoon Express presenter. “At this stage, I hardly really think about her, but Bonnie is someone’s mother, she’s probably someone’s girlfriend, someone’s sister, aunt, and no matter what I harbour or feel towards her, I may have to think about those people and the fact that she matters to someone out there,” Pearl says.


She adds that “For me, that’s the spirit of sisterhood … sisters should always get along, and for me, I think she will always be my bigger sister, no matter how she feels about me. I can only control how I feel about her. Bonnie is an incredibly talented woman. She’s beautiful and us disagreeing doesn’t mean I should hate her. Me being hurt by her doesn’t mean I should hate her … I’m bigger than that.”