Pearl Thusi Gets Real On The Effects Of Losing Her Mother

One of the most painful things a person has to go through in their lifetime is losing a parent. It takes a massive emotional toll on a person losing one’s confidant and it’s a loss that doesn’t get easier with time. For Pearl Thusi, despite the fact that she lost her mother years ago, she is still dealing with such a devastating loss.

“It can never be stressed enough… How much losing a mother sucks… Over 15 years and I sometimes still wanna scream. Be kind to each other,” the star tweeted as she reminisced on her pain.


However, losing her mother made Pearl want to be the best mother she can to her daughter Thando. Pearl and Thando have an incredibly close relationship and it’s a beautiful one to watch. “Mothers are like heroes… They’re not only born. They can also become. Be made. Not only by blood, but by love. By kindness. Bravery. Compassion,” Pearl says.

She adds that “As an African woman, I believe every child deserves love. Your nameless neighbour mothered you. And every child was watched and protected by the community. We can do so much better. Let’s create a better tomorrow for every child we can… ❤️” Thando celebrated her 12th birthday last month and its clear that Pearl is shaping her to become a strong, caring woman.