Pearl Thusi Begs Fans Not To Pirate Queen Sono

queen sono

South Africans are incredibly excited about Netflix’s first African production Queen Sono. The series, which stars Pearl Thusi as the titular character, follows the story of a secret South African clandestine agent who tackles criminal operations while dealing with crises in her personal life. Naturally, the country is excited about seeing Pearl in her new role but many can’t afford a Netflix subscription to watch the show. Still, Pearl has urged fans not to pirate the show as its success is based solely on views on the streaming platform.

Pearl took to social media to ask a fan who admitted he was pirating the show to not to so after she mentioned that ‘Queen Sono’ was the number 1 most streamed series in South Africa and in Kenya.

“Babe please don’t pirate our show. We worked so hard on it and the numbers via the platform itself will help the success of the show and other shows out of Africa on Netflix,” she wrote alongside an emoji of a sad face.


Netflix will only consider a second season of ‘Queen Sono’ should ratings on the show be high enough to warrant one and we definitely want to see more of Queen and the gang! So get streaming, Mzansi!