Papa Penny: “I’m Not Broke!”

Papa Penny is one of the biggest celebrities in South Africa. Not only does he have an incredible number of loyal fans, he has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade. During that time, the star has made a significant amount of cash but over the weekend, the ‘Papa Penny Ahee!’ star was left red-faced after a hacker sent out a series of messages sent from his phone number asking people for money.

News spread quickly which led many to believe that the star is broke. However, Papa Penny was quick to shut down the rumours and address the situation. “This is very bad and I wonder how they got hold of my number. People were told to deposit between R5000 and R10 000 as if I was having some cash flow problems,” the star revealed in a recent interview.

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Papa Penny continued saying that the scammers told his contacts that he was shooting a TV series and he couldn’t talk to stop them from phoning back. “A lot of damage was done on Friday, I don’t know how many people were robbed,” the star continues. Luckily, Papa Penny was notified in time and managed to stop the scammers from causing any more drama.


This scam comes two years after Papa Penny’s email was hacked which also saw fraudsters asking the singer’s s contacts for money. The star has reportedly not opened a case against the hackers and has spent the better part of the weekend ensuring this doesn’t happen again.

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