One On One With Miss Zola Zeelovin

Zola Zeelovin

Uzalo‘s Zola Zeelovin chats to us about her role Hleziphi, her experience of set life and also shares her views on arranged marriages.

Zola Zeelovin, give us a snapshot about yourself and upbringing.
I’m Zola Ayabulela Myeza, born and bred in KZN. I’m an up and coming entertainer striving to do the best and more in this tough industry. I’m immersed in the arts as a craft and the industry. I am also a lover of fashion, hair enthusiast and shoe fanatic.

Get Up Close And Personal With Zola Zeelovin!

Stunning! It’s raining Durban beauties left, right and centre in the industry. What are your thoughts on that?
Durban is a beautiful place and therefore needs to breed beautiful beings, lol. The city and its youth have always had an enthusiastic approach towards culture, arts, and life. Over the past couple of years, we as a city have been producing stellar work in all aspects of entertainment so it’s no wonder it looks like all great things come from Durbs. People thought you had to come to Johannesburg to get your career off the ground but that isn’t the case anymore which is amazing.

Interesting. You’re a woman with many talents. Tell us more about your skills as an actress, singer, Radio DJ and MC.
Yes! I am a DJ on Gagasi FM, I have a show on Friday with King Sfiso called “The Friday Hangout” and on Sunday with Dj Mario called “The Jam Avenue”, both these shows are music shows and focus on embracing new music and local upcoming artists. I am also an MC. Acting isn’t new for me because I have been doing it for as long as I can remember and have been on short films and the stage, but yes, I got an exciting opportunity to be on Uzalo, one of the biggest telenovelas on the screen right now. I act as Hleziphi, a Zulu young lady who was born into royalty. She is extremely respectful amongst the elders but has a lot of attitude around her peers.

Zola Zeelovin

Sounds exciting! Tell us Zola Zeelovin, is there a particular reason you chose this role?
YES! Hleziphi is a handful! She is going to be those characters that people love to hate. She is going to shake things up and basically oppose what society deems a norm, which I love because there are still a lot of people who go through the issues of arranged marriage so their families can avoid sexual orientation issues in the home. I have always wanted to use my acting talents to speak out on issues facing our youth and now I get to do it for 8 million people every single night. How lucky can a person get?

Wow! Not even the sky is your limit! Being from KZN, tell us more about your heritage.
Funny enough my father is Zulu and my mother ngumXhosakazi but sadly my father passed away in 2000 and I’ve grown up with my mom as a single parent. I don’t necessarily have a Zulu background and I have been yearning for more of a connection with my Zulu culture. Being on Uzalo was a blessing in disguise because I indirectly got to connect with my Zulu culture through the character Hleziphi.

Your thoughts on arranged marriage? Would you take it on in your personal life?
IT’S A REAL THING!! Arranged marriages used to be a huge part of our culture and many other cultures in fact, and even though they may not be as popular and of regular practice, they are still happening. I couldn’t apply it to my personal life at all. I want to look, admire and choose. No one knows what I like more than myself so there’s no way I would allow someone else to choose for me. My mother and I have a very close relationship and we communicate about sexual orientation and relationships, shes a pro when its comes to giving advice and what’s great is she always respects my decision. She is genuinely at peace when im happy and I just want to make her proud.

Zola Zeelovin

What was most challenging about your role Hleziphi?
Hleziphi is nothing like me and I had to engross myself in her which was challenging and enlightening at the same time. As much as I was frustrated by her at first, I fell in love with her way of thinking once I realised that she doesn’t know any better.

That’s amazing! So how was your working experience with the Uzalo cast?
I loved every minute of it. Overwhelming at times, because I was surrounded by amazing cast and crew. The whole team is so warm and welcoming which made my job very easy. There were quite a few times when my heart was beating outside my chest. God put me there for a reason, I’m certainly blessed.

Your blessed indeed Zola Zeelovin! Thanks so much for the awesome chat. Ladies and gents catch Zola in action on Uzalo every weekdays on SABC 1 at 20:30. Also keep up with her on social media.





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