Nolo Phiri Talks Love And Intimacy!

Nolo Phiri

Nolo Phiri

Nolo Phiri is one effortlessly super sexy woman! As she says in our recent chat,”I took myself to school and I was very much in touch with my sexuality from my teenage years. I’m very comfortable in my own skin.” You best believe that ’cause her hips don’t lie! We’ve seen her moves on Rythm City as she brings her character Niki Bongco to life in slinky curve-loving outfits and tight bodycons that would make Kim Kardashian very proud. We caught up with the local actress to chat about sugar and spice and all things nice…as well as everything between the sheets offcause. Here’s the lowdown:

Nolo, what’s your definition of love? 


Love is a feeling you don’t usually ask for but it comes to you anyway at its own time. It usually feels so good that it sometimes feels like a problem because you’re probably scared of losing it or finding it again. It’s usually forgiving, accepting and sometimes unconditional. Love is what we all live for even though we try not to chase after it or admit that we need it. Once you’ve been in love before, you’ll always know what it is.

Deep! Tell us, what is your love language that a man who wants to sweep you off your feet needs to communicate through to you 24/7?

Attention. Let me know that I’m apart of your world because you definitely will be apart of mine.

Nolo Phiri
So true! Your do’s and don’t tips for a first date?

  1. Don’t show off,
  2. Don’t presume attraction, and don’t walk into the date under the impression that I lack choice for being there.
  3. Listen considerably
  4. Share yourself enough for me to know comfortably who I just went on a date with.

We like! What traits do you find appealing in your ideal man?

Sex appeal and a worldly mindset.
Nice one! Tell us, do you remember your first kiss? 

Yes I do, with my first primary school boyfriend outside my friend’s house. He came knocking specifically to ask me for one, and I was like, sure. Lol

Nolo Phiri Talks Winter
That is so cute! So what’s your favourite guilty pleasure? 

Omari Hardwick. I can’t deal.

Amen girlfriend! Ahem…So for you, does size matter? 

Yes of course it does. It’s like buying a pair of shoes that are too tight or too big. Lol! It needs to fit perfectly.
O LA LA! Lol! Do you remember your first time doing the deed? 

It was alright, just that, alright.

Nolo Phiri
Alright – moving right along! Hahahaha. What do you find most attractive in a potential partner?

Physique and eyes.
Now that’s hot Miss Phiri! Do you have a fetish? If so, what is it?


Oh Hello #TeamBeardGang! Thanks for the chat yummy mummy! Ladies and gents, keep up with Nolo Phiri on social media.