Natasha Sutherland Talks All Things Women!

Natasha Sutherland

Natasha Sutherland who plays Layla McKenzie on Scandal! chats to us about Women’s Day and the women who inspire her.

Natasha, what does Women’s Day mean to you?
What women’s Day should mean to me is a celebration of all facets of the feminine magic and grit. But, sadly, in a world where some women are not allowed to study, and in a world where at times there is STILL a discrepancy in salaries between males and females, in a world where young girls are stolen from their schools by terrorist organizations, and in our very own country where a Minister can allegedly punch a woman at a social, then sadly I see Women’s day as a call, a cry, a demand for women to experience equality, Love, and basic human rights.

That’s deep! So how are you planning to celebrate Women’s Day?
I will be spending Women’s Day with a lot of male energy. I am making a big roast lunch for my boys and their friends and their Godfather. I love that this is happening because I think women’s day should not be about the isolation of women and men but rather the inclusion of both genders for a common cause.

So True! Tell us, which women have played an important part in contributing to the woman that you are today?
I see many women whom inspire me on my travels across this land when I conduct my public speaking. I feel honoured that they share their stories with me. I see lots of cases ,where unsung heroines have survived and triumphed over tragedy and prejudice. It gives me hope and faith. There is a steel to the women of this land, warriors whom survive hardship, it is a remarkable thing to witness.

Natasha Sutherland

That’s amazing! So what are your thoughts on how women can support each other and celebrate each other as a lifestyle and not just a movement?
How women can support each other is to stop seeing one another as the enemy. Stop the gossip, stop the slander, envy, trash talk, body shaming, and gender stereotyping. I’m not sure if its because of the patriarchal society that we’ve been raised in for centuries but there seems to be an underlying trend that we’ve absorbed, a sort of malignant heritage, to view our ‘sisters’ as hostile threats. We need to break through this illusion and embrace a global feminine revolution which encompasses the very essence of female energy – to create – to facilitate- to nurture – to build – to challenge and inspire. This is what the world needs to heal. Don’t get me wrong – I am not in favour of women for women against men. I’m promoting women for women – for men. As a mother of boys, I see it as imperative that the idea of the traditional male needs to be addressed and redirected. We need to break the perpetrator-victim-rescuer cycle, so that both genders can heal.

That’s powerful! So which influential women do you look up to?
A Mighty Girl is an extraordinary Facebook site to follow that promotes women and girls , past and present, against all odds, that have contributed to our world in many ways. For example , it highlights these five Kenyan girls who have created an app called iCut to help end female genital mutilation. It shows a Russian tattoo artist called Yergeniya Zakhar, who has helped more than 1000 victims of domestic abuse by transforming their scars into ’empowering artwork.’ It showcases Gertrude Ederle, who in 1926 at the age of 19, became the first women to finish the English Channel swim. It reminds us of jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, who rose above not just gender barriers, but racial prejudice as well with her remarkable talent. There is no end to inspiring and thought provoking stories about women who have succeeded in spite of a biased world.

Stunning! Please share a famous quote by women that inspires you to be a better version of yourself every day.
‘Women feel like they need permission. We need to lead and change that.’ – Emma Watson

Fabulous! Thanks for the amazing chat Natasha and enjoy your Women’s Month. Ladies and gents, keep up with Natasha on eTV’s Scandal! and on social media.




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