Nadia Jaftha’s Rise To Superstardom

Content queen Nadia Jaftha is one of the most exciting new faces in the local entertainment scene right now and has put in the time and effort into her content ensuring it identifies with her audiences.

Nadia started her career in content during a gap year after completing her a degree at UCT in film, art and media studies when she started her popular fashion blog ‘Birdline Blog’ which gained a substantial following. However, her career really took off once she started sharing hilarious videos on the popular social network Instagram.

“I started doing social media during my gap year as just a way to pass the time. I started a clothing line and I would just do social media on the side. Then I started pranking videos… and it kind of took off from there,” Nadia says.


Nadia’s pranking videos with her mother quickly took off on social media and Nadia cleverly took advantage of the virality she was getting. “With my mother, we have that organic relationship, where we prank each other all the time… It was quite easy because we had that relationship already,” Nadia says.

The pranks with her mother inspired her to then create other videos about everyday experiences. Nadia adds that the videos gave her the confidence to step out of her shell. “It’s just a switch that I turn on,” Nadia says of her persona in front of the camera. “When I know that I have to do something I kind of have to prepare myself mentally… I become a completely different person. There are two sides to me, I can be extremely extroverted and introverted – depends on the situation.”

Nadia says the content space is expanding in a massive way and has some advice for content creators who want to follow in her footsteps. “Don’t be discouraged if you are not seeing results immediately… because it does take time especially if you are working towards a life goal or a dream. Be patient, be consistent and believe in,” she says.

Looking to the future, Nadia will appear on the upcoming ninth season of Tropika Island Of Treasure – and she’s calling on you to audition to be her teammate. Nadia says that she is looking for three key components in her partner, namely positivity, resilience and strength. “I need a positive person because I’m going for the win and need a team mate that’s going to match my energy to the finish line,” Nadia says. “I need someone resilient who won’t give up on me because I am all about persevering to the end, and I need someone strong both physically and mentally.”

People across South Africa dreaming of joining their favourite celebs in the tropical island paradise of Curaçao need to buy a promotional pack of Tropika and follow the instructions on pack. Following this, they need to record a short video (not longer than one minute) showing the #TIOT9 team what they’ve got and describing how they will out smoooth their competitors on Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao.