Muvhango’s Sharon Seno On Landing Her Dream Role

Sharon Seno plays Marang Phala, PA to James Motsamai, in SABC 2’s hit soapie Muvhango and throughout her time on the show, we’ve seen Sharon take Marang’s character to new heights as she gets tangles in James’ turbulent romance with his wife Moliehi. Marang has fast-become a fan-favourite on the soapie and Sharon has recently opened up about her slow and long journey to success.

The star admitted that she started her career auditioning alongside prominent actors and remembering that she didn’t think she would ever stand a chance against them. “There I was, a village girl with very little acting experience trying to compete with them,” Sharon admits. “I auditioned for fashion shows, adverts, you name it. But I didn’t get a single role.”

Sharon reveals that when it came to her big audition at Muvhango’s studios, she felt incredible intimidated. “I’m a praying woman and I believe in myself, but I didn’t think I stood a chance against the big names. Joburg is big. Everyone is trying to make it and there are thousands of beautiful girls who’d do anything to get ahead,” she says. “But I wasn’t willing to compromise my values. I would never use my body to get to the top.”


But, while Sharon may have been somewhat inexperienced compared to some of the other actors auditioning, the Mavhango execs found that x factor in her. “They wanted a young woman who best suits the image of a so-called slay queen – beautiful body, a full face of makeup and someone who wears long weaves,” she says. “I was surprised to find I fit that profile because I’m far from being a slay queen. Like Marang, I’m a very independent woman. But I hate weaves and anything artificial. I have short, natural hair and I hardly wear any makeup.”

Today, fans with baited breath to see what Marang gets up to in every episode of the hit soapie and while Sharon has totally immersed herself into her character, she reveals they are far from alike in real life. Sharon admits she’d never dream of doing the things her character does but, like Marang, Sharon is confident and driven.