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Muvhango February Teasers!


Here’s what you can expect on SABC 2’s Muvhango for the remainder of February 2018!

Tuesday February, 13 2018

– Konanani convinces Vhutshilo that Tenda is the big enemy.

– Ranthomeng makes a life changing decision that will change everything around.

– Livhuwani becomes more and more desperate when she fails another pregnancy test.

Wednesday, February, 14 2018

– Livhuwani is between a rock and a hard place when Tenda surprises her.

– Gugu and Rashaka’s lives are turned upside down.

– Azwindini puts Gizara in his place.

Thursday, February, 15 2017

– Rendani learns some disturbing information.

– Nyamukamadi has an idea to get rid of Konanani.

– Mulimisi has a warning for the chief.


Friday, February, 16 2018

– Konanani does the unthinkable.

– Gugu has a surprise for Rashaka.

– Mulimisi has a warning for the chief.

Monday, February, 19 2018

– Sparks fly between Rashaka and Gugu.

– Tenda’s behaviour during the #ChiefsMustFall campaign has repercussions for Livhuwani.

– Susan is starting to think that Konanani is not just conniving, she’s crazy!

Tuesday February, 20 2018

– Vhutshilo threatens to mess up Konanani’s plan.

– Azwindini shows special interest in helping Livhuwani.

– Rashaka’s pursuit of Gugu is relentless.

Wednesday, February, 21 2018

– Azwindini rejects Susan’s suspicion that Konanani inflicted her own wound.

– Azwindini has some good news for Livhuwani.

– Gugu refuses to be Rashaka’s rebound.

Thursday, February, 22 2018

– Tendamudzimu sets a trap for Vhutshilo.

– Susan and Masindi figure out why Konanani is in Thathe.

– Azwindini offers Livhuwani a shoulder to lean on.

Friday, February, 23 2018

– Susan discovers some shocking information about Konanani.

– Tendamudzimu presents Gugu with bad news.

– Rashaka comes to the rescue.

Monday, February, 26 2018

– Vhutshilo sees a dark side to Konanani.

– Rashaka reads Gugu’s mind.

– Azwindini and Livhuwani grow closer.

Tuesday, February, 27 2018

– Konanani may have gone too far with Vhutshilo.

– Livhuwani knows that Tenda is not telling the truth.

– Rashaka admits to Rendani that his date with Gugu went very well.

Wednesday, February, 28 2018

– Konanani’s plans are exposed.

– Azwindini has some bad news for Livhuwani.

– Vhulahani pays Konanani a visit.




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