Mmaba Opens Up On Her Frustrating Survivor SA Exit

This week, with four votes against her name and an unused Idol in her pocket, Mmaba Molefe became the 14th person to be kicked off Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets making her the sixth member of the jury.

Disappointingly, Mmaba found herself being booted off with a hidden immunity idol in her pocket after winning a clue to the advantage on the Island of Secrets. Unfortunately for her, she trusted her alliance and not her instincts and decided not to play her Idol.

Fans will remember Mmaba for her iconic giggly smile and soft-nature. She played a great social game alongside her bestie, Geoff but never rose up to the occasion to make her own moves and establish her individual game. She has been one of the lucky castaways to win the special spa-treatment Reward with Geoff and Danté as well as the Samoan Cultural experience that Danté selected her to join in on.


We caught up with Mmaba shortly after she was booted off the island.

We loved watching you on Survivor South Africa this season. Talk to us a bit on how the experience was for you?

Survivor has been a life changing experience. It has made me discover things about myself that I didn’t know existed. I learnt huge lessons from the game and formed great friendships.

How have you grown as a person since playing the game?

I found that inner strength and reserve tank that I didn’t know existed. I also learnt to trust my intuition, as it’s there to serve and protect you.

We were devastated to see you go home with a hidden immunity idol. What went through your head when you saw your name written on the parchment?

At that moment, I was disappointed, sad and full of regret.

There were many times when you were about to go home but you managed to make it quite far in the game. How important is the social element of the game here?

In my opinion, a social game carries you much further than a physical one. My social game speaks to that, as I wasn’t very strong in challenges but it was my relationships that carried me through.

Now that you’re on the jury, what elements are you going to help you decide on who to vote for as a winner?

As a jury member, I am looking for a Sole Survivor that is able to own their game and defend their actions.