Miss Lira’s Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Miss Lira

Multiple award-winning South African songbird Miss Lira talks to us about beautiful women who inspire her,  top five beauty essentials and ingredients to inner and outer beauty.

Miss Lira, tell us, which beauty secrets women in your family live by.
The philosophy that the women in my family live by is: Beauty comes from within. MY parents were advocates for healthy eating and both of them are gorgeous and look amazing for people in their 60’s. They have always focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Stunning!Please share your ingredients to inner and outer beauty.
Get comfortable in the skin you’re in. Any person looks better in a body they are at peace with. The outer beauty, in my opinion is a reflection of inner beauty. At least this has been my experience.

Love it! So what’s your definition of beauty? 
Being comfortable and confident in who you are is a very sexy quality!

True! Tell us about women of influence who inspire you.
1. Halley Berry has always been my favourite beauty icon. She is aging gracefully!
2. Khanyi Dhlomo is someone who keeps looking better the older she gets. I always thought she was a conservative dresser but I think she is becoming more playful in her style and she really looks her best ever right now. I think its because she is settled and very comfortable with who she is and loves her life. It shines through in her beauty.

Miss Lira

That is so true! So which quote do you live by which also reminds you that you are beautiful even if you have those days when you feel otherwise?
Nobody can beat me at beat ME! I love this, it reminds me that I am enough.

Amen to that, Honey! Your top five beauty essentials?
1. Feel good about yourself and walk like the world is yours!
2. Get comfortable in the skin your in…
3. Work on showing off your uniqueness
4. Drink lots of water
5. Wear Mascarra and gorgeous lipstick

And finally, what are your favourite beauty spa treatments?
I don’t do this as often as I would like…I have weekly deep tissue massages in the comfort of my home. This is to help my body to cope with the physical stress that comes with being a performer. I sadly don’t have facials and things like that but on the odd occasion that I do, I appreciate the pampering.

Awesome and thanks for the beautiful catch-up chat, Miss Lira. Ladies and gents keep up with Mzansi’s most celebrated songbird on social media.




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