Minnie Dlamini-Jones’ Entrepreneurial Spirit Rages On As She Launches Her Own Range Of Sanitizers

While the country is in lockdown due to the global Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, many are using this time to start new business ventures. One of those people is Minnie Dlamini-Jones. The star has been inspired to get hand sanitizers to those who need it and after seeing shelves empty for weeks, the media darling is set to launch her own range of sanitizers.

The star has confirmed that she will be adding a range of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to her MD Skincare range in a bid to help users reduce their risk of infection.

“It is something that was in the pipeline as a way to grow and diversify the MD product offering,” the star said in an interview. With the emergence of the pandemic, we sought to steamroll the rollout of the sanitisers to help with prevention and further the efforts by government and other business to create access to them and promote hygiene.”


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Minnie adds “We were very lucky to work with Diageo on this project who has been instrumental in supplying the Minnie Dlamini Foundation with R1m worth of spirits to produce the sanitisers. Our sanitisers have an alcohol base of 70%.”

The star will be launching the product by distributing it for free to underprivileged communities identified by the Red Cross to assist with a shortage in supply. Once the lockdown is over, she will start distributing the product to stores.

“Right now our efforts are focused primarily on getting these products to underprivileged communities and to ensure everyone has sanitiser as an arsenal against this virus,” she says. “We know water is a big issue of concern in many parts of the country. It’s very important for me to bridge that gap and assist where we can to really try to flatten the curve and keep people safe.”

We love this initiative and it’s great to see Minnie giving back as she launches this in-demand product.