Minnie Dlamini: Mzansi’s Instagram Queen

Minnie Dlamini reigns supreme as M
Minnie Dlamini is Mzansi's Instagram Queen.
Minnie Dlamini and Roxy Burger rock Bok Friday!
Minnie Dlamini and Roxy Burger flaunt their green and gold colours in support of Amabokoboko.

By @misszarabriner

Kendall Jenner who? That’s what everyone will be asking when our local beauty Minnie Dlamini takes over Instagram one day.

The local star has been following you on a quest to gain the most followers on Instagram, and we have to say she’s doing a great job so far! And while she hasn’t quite reached the famous Kendall Jenner’s over 40-million followers just yet – let’s not forget young Kendall is part of the Kardashian clan – she has won the title for the most followed celeb in South Africa,  and that’s a huge accomplishment on its own.


In fact, Minnie’s reach of 616 000 followers on Instagram recently has surpassed the likes of other notable celebrities like:

  • Trevor Noah, who has 547 000 followers,
  • and Queen B herself, Bonang Matheba, who has 591 000 followers.

Internationally speaking, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are still bouncing around the top spot. Taylor’s recent world tour of her latest album, 1989, gained her many followers, but Kim always knows how to get everyone talking with her sexy Instagram shots.

So while Minnie still has a while to go to catch up to Hollywood’s Instagram queens, she’s not far from from hitting the 1-million threshold, which for SA is entertainment history. In our eyes she’s a star – Our Mzansi Instagram Queen, for sure!

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