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Mihlali On How To Make Money As An Influencer!


The gorgeous and talented Mihlali Ndamase was a guest not so long ago on Metro FM’s Breakfast show, the Fresh Breakfast.

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One of the things she was asked about was how does one make a living as an influencer? A question that a lot of aspiring influencers sometimes struggle to find a clear answer to. “What you need to decide on is the space you want to be in; depending on what is it that you do. That helps you to know which brands you need to align yourself with”, said the make-up artist when asked by DJ Fresh how one goes about making money as an influencer.

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“I think just getting your content sponsored. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a thing where you’re advertising and you’re just talking about anything just because there’s a check being thrown your way. You can work with brands that you actually like and appreciate- brands that you genuinely do use already. It is great when you’re paid to talk about something that you really like”, she further added.

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It is important to also highlight that Mihlali did stress the fact that engagement with one’s followers is very important. It’s return on investment for the brand that is advertising.

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Check out the full podcast here and keep up with Mihlali on social media.






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