Metro FM’s Relebogile claps back after being told she’s ‘not good enough’

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Metro FM presenter Relebogile Mabotja has had a tough time since joining the Fresh Breakfast Show and things are getting worse with DJ Fresh’s suspension.

When Relebogile first joined the morning show many felt she was not a good fit.

With Fresh currently off-air as a result of his suspension, some listeners are now saying she is not good enough to hold down the show without him.

“I love Relebogile but she is a bit too much, she is trying too hard. This one is not for you sister my sister. We want our @DJFreshSA back. #BringBackDJFresh,” one Twitter user wrote.

Relebogile got wind of the tweet and was surprised to see that the post was made from a business account.

“What a pity. A whole business account. Are these the local businesses we want to support? Are these the same people inboxing us for referrals & work?

“Do you think this is what Fresh stands for? Instead of using this time to actually get more business you are sourcing pictures of me,” she hit back.

Some people have used the #BringBackFresh hashtag to attack Relebogile.

While many say the star is talented, they just can’t listen to the show without Fresh.

“Our breakfast is not as fresh anymore even though Relebogile ba ha Khumalo. We want and need our big dwag back,” one wrote.

Another added: “I used to love [the] fresh breakfast but wow I can only take Relebogile in doses.”

Some supporters of the hashtag urged listeners to stop hating on Relebogile as the main goal was to bring him back, not get Relebogile kicked off the show.

DJ Fresh was taken off-air last month for allegedly using foul language.

He has been posting cryptic posts ever since, that have his fans worried he might not return.

“‘When it starts feeling like you’re running in one place, then it’s time for change’ – Angazi Ubani,” he captioned a clip of one of his workouts.

Fresh also used the hashtag, #WhenMyGutSaid, to share another interesting tweet.

“When my gut said ‘listen to Euphonik, all of two years ago, I should have! Now I must call him and say ‘seems as if you were right,”’ he posted.

The 46-year-old dropped the biggest hint when a fan asked him when he would be returning.

“Your guess is as good as mine… maybe never!”

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