Melissa Molinaro: Wedding Reception Of The Century!

Melissa Molinaro and Brian Kowalski

Born Melissa Smith but popularly known by her stage name Melissa Molinaro, the Kim Kardashian lookalike and Canadian-American pop singer broke the internet with her unforgettable Beyoncé-inspired wedding reception of the century for her man Brian Kowalski on their glitzy and glamorous wedding night. We flashback to this unforgettable moment on 2 October 2016:

Stephanie Costello of STELLO designs made the bodysuits and if you’re wondering how much time and effort went into that Bey-plausible formation routine, Melissa shares,”Over the course of four months we had 16 rehearsals, each rehearsal lasting roughly an hour-and-a-half. I knew the style of choreography I wanted — a feminine yet bossy feel. My friend and choreographer Brinn Nicole [helped me] execute my vision, and my girlfriends, who are all amazing dancers were all so excited to be a part of the performance.”

Melissa Molinaro and Brian Kowalski

We can’t wait to see their one year anniversary celebration. Melissa gave a sneak peak,” A Bride FORMATION TOUR of course … LOL!” Well then, it’s safe to say that Brian Kowalski is one lucky man who’s bound to be happy for the rest of his life (if that sexy surprise is anything to go by!).

Melissa Molinaro wedding

Ladies and gents, keep up with Melissa Molinaro and her sexy sauce on social media.




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