Meet Entrepreneur Dr Fatima Bhabha!

Dr Fatima Bhabha

The benefits to being an entrepreneur are many. Although there’ll be a lot of hurdles on the way it’s still much better than working for someone else. We sat down with Entrepreneur, Fatima Bhabha, owner and Director of Beauty & Curves, who successfully runs a women-for-women business in Johannesburg to chat about her business, inspiration, professionalism and much more.

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Dr Fatima Bhabha

How did you get into your industry?


I was influenced by my elder sisters, Dr. Z Bhabha and Dr. BA Bhabha, who were already in the business for a few years before I made the decision to join.

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting people from different walks of life, and mostly I love that I get to make every person I see a better younger version of themselves.

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Dr Fatima Bhabha

Describe your working environment?

The environment is very professional but at the same time woman-friendly. We try and make each client feel comfortable and cater to their every need. We are family orientated, and should our clients have a child, we have a jungle gym and a helper to assist whilst they enjoy their treatments. I would describe it as a very warm and friendly environment. We are all a family at Beauty & Curves.

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As a woman, what do you feel is an important trait to possess in the working space?

Integrity, honestly, professionalism!

Dr Fatima Bhabha

How do you manage all aspects of your life?

I have an amazing support structure. My parents and sisters help me at a drop of a hat which I truly value. I also pray and meditate a lot which I feel helps me and I am the kind of person that is very well-planned.

Dr Fatima Bhabha


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What inspires you as a woman?

Other strong women both present and past – mostly my mom who has held it together and done it all before. I am also inspired by Basetsana Khumalo, as I love her outlook on life that shines through her SM pages with her inspiring tribe posts and her wonderful cooking posts.