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Loyiso Madinga On 2019 Plans, Favourite Podcasts + More!

Loyiso Madinga

Loyisa Madinga is one of the few lucky comedians across the globe to feature in Netflix’s new special, Comedians of the World, which is currently available on the streaming service for everyone to watch. The funny man recently took some time to chat to us about his 2019 plans and what he gets up to in his free time.

What is that one question that you hate to answer?

When did you realise that you’re funny?

Do you have plans to do a special of your own this year?

Yes, I just have to confirm the tour dates.

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Please share that one thing that a lot of people would be surprised to find out about you?

People are always surprised that I grew up rural. We only got electricity in 2014. We were living on a Diesel generator.

What are some of your fondest childhood memories?

I had a great childhood, we were free. What’s great is that there were no kids allowed in the house during the day so parents didn’t want to see you. We had such freedom, they only wanted to see us at lunch and when it’s bath time – In between you’re a nuisance.

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What do you love doing in your spare time?

I do weird things! I watch videos about restoring old knives and old machines. I love those videos.

What’s the appeal in that?

It’s very relaxing. I also enjoy podcasts.

What are some of your favourite podcasts?

How I Built This, Planet Money, Hidden Brain, School of Greatness and Cold Switch.

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