Loki Rothman Commands Attention As He Releases His Debut Afrikaans Album

Over the past few years, local singer and guitar virtuoso Loki Rothman has been working hard at establishing a name for himself. He released an array of incredible covers on YouTube, travelled the globe alongside Jack Parow and dropped his debut album ‘The Way Back’. Now, five years after the release of the record, the star has dropped his debut Afrikaans album ‘Op My Pad’.

Loki has been working on the project over the past three years and without a deadline for the album, he could write an album where every song has a meaning and story behind it. With relationships being the leading theme of the album, he was inspired by his own personal experiences as well as the music he recently wrote for films and TV series’ such as ‘Vergeet My Nie’ and ‘Tydelik Terminaal’.

“The songs on the album are very real. You will find no knight in shining armour coming to save you in these songs. They are about real people and real relationships and circumstances I believe most people have experienced,” the singer tells us.


He recorded most of the songs in his own studio, collaborating with Juan Floors Oosthuizen on production. He also worked with Paulo Azevedo and Arnold Coleske on vocals at Coleske Artists’ studio. The album also features several collaborations with Afrikaans legends such as Laurika Rauch, Riana Nel, Francois van Coke, Die Heuwels Fantasties and his sister, Margot Rothman.

‘Op My Pad’ is now available to download or stream online.

Here’s an inside look at the album creation process: