Zulu Mkhathini on Working with Moonchild – “She’s a Beast”


Rapper and television personality, Zulu Mkhathini (formerly Dash), recently dropped a new single Shikisha featuring Moonchild which has been rocking radio stations across Mzansi. Chatting to us not so long ago Zulu spoked about working with the outspoken muso.

“Moonchild is a beast; our song (Shikisha) is about shaking the hate, insecurities and doubts away.” He explained. “When we started working on the song I felt we needed to Ecco that message. We dropped the record on women’s month and we wanted women to celebrate and love themselves.”



Zulu also gave more context as to why he changed his stage name. “I just went back to my original name. He said. “It’s not rebranding for the sake of rebranding. I call it going back to my roots.”

Shikisha is just one of many offerings set to come from the artist this year. “I know a lot of people believe in Ep’s, but I’m working on an album, we’re almost done with it. I might drop it at the end of October.”

Listen to Shikisha here and let us know what you think.

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