WHOA! LootLove blasts bouncer for sexually assaulting her sister. | People Magazine

WHOA! LootLove blasts bouncer for sexually assaulting her sister.

Luthando Lootlove Shosha

TV and radio star, Luthando Shosha aka LootLove unleashed her fury on social media this week when she revealed that her sister had been sexually assaulted by a nightclub bouncer this weekend.

The incident apparently occurred at a new nightclub in Johannesburg called Onyx where a bouncer tried to make sexual advances to Luthando’s younger sister. The unwelcome approach clearly affected her sister’s night but attempts to report the man in question have fallen on deaf ears.

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The matter is especially complicated by the fact that the bouncer is reportedly the head of security at the club.

Luthando "Lootlove" Shosha

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LootLove exposed the club by airing the incident on Twitter where she wrote:

“My sister gets sexually harassed in your club and comes to you for help and you’re more worried about “Not getting caught in the crossfire”, ask her to warn you before she tweets so you can stay offline? Even AFTER she pointed out WHO the bouncer is?

To make matters worse, Luthando was informed that this was not the first time a woman had been harassed at this (still new) nightclub.

As she continued to search for answers, her followers came forward and shared some of their own sad stories of similar incidents:

Luthando and her sister have demanded footage from the club owners and have currently escalated the matter.

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