Watch: Zinhle & Enhle reflect on cheating scandals that rocked their relationships

Enhle Mbali and DJ Zinhle bared their souls about their pain and the decision to go back to the love of their lives after very public cheating scandals.

Just weeks after it was reported that Enhle Mbali had put her Touch HD show, Yours Sincerely on ice, she dropped the first episode with DJ Zinhle.

Both Enhle and Zinhle relived how they moved past the storm to forgive their partners for cheating.


Enhle said that she “went through hell” when AKA cheated on Zinhle with Bonang, and could relate to what Zinhle was feeling at the time.

“I had gone through it and I knew how it felt and I know what media does to you when you’re going through hell. They celebrate it. I thought would it be strange if I call and say ‘hi, if you want a shoulder to cry on, I’m here’? I remember seeing how you were in that situation.

“It’s a bad space to find yourself in, especially to be going through it publicly. People don’t get that you love a person and it’s not about you. Right now let me live life the best way I know how,” Enhle said.

Zinhle said that it was “tough” seeing AKA with Bonang but she decided to remove herself from the situation, which helped her move past it.

“I was in a relationship when they broke up. I was fine. It happened so many times so I just got used to the cycle of the break-up; so I just removed myself completely from that whole thing for my sanity.”

The DJ explained that she also realised that AKA had taken nothing from her and just wanted to be with someone else at that time.
“The father of my child being with me and loving me in that way was a separate thing from how he was with someone else. The lines are never crossed. It’s not like he took what was mine and gave it to her. That’s not how I looked at it; I felt like he wanted to be in a different place in a different way with someone else and that’s it.”

The show aims to “unpack meaningful and powerful topics faced by everyday people through the eyes of esteemed guests”.

In an attempt to accept and let go of past experiences, guests would relive personal journeys through a letter written to themselves.

Watch the episode below, or click here:

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