WATCH: Angela Bassett asks Pearl Thusi to join viral internet challenge

Pearl Thusi’s international network is stronger and more influential than we can imagine!.

We saw again this week when US actors, Angela Bassett and Tasha Smith roped the actress into a fun internet challenge.

Angela, Tasha and fellow actress, Sheila E took part in the viral #WomenDancingTogether challenge which has swept the United States during the month of March which also happens to be Women’s History Month (hence the hashtag). The idea is that, after posting a video with equally inspiring women, you are meant to tag someone else to complete the challenge.


When the famous American trio had the opportunity to nominate the next batch of women to complete the challenge, they named a host of powerful names including Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington and our very own Pearl Thusi.

An elated Pearl acknowledged the nomination on social media and added that she’s thinking of completing her challenge “African Style”.

She wrote on Instagram, “OMG! THIS JUST HAPPENED!!! Which song should I use for the challenge?! . AFRICAN STYLE!!!!”

Fans are now eager to see if Pearl will accept the challenge and have urged her to respond on Twitter:

Pearl has worked her way into key circles in the American entertainment industry over the past few years and it is now a regular occurrence to see her mentioned by Hollywood stars.

Just a few months ago, the Queen Sono star was seen mingling with the likes of Gabrielle Union while rumours have suggested that she’s dating NBA star, Serge Ibaka.

At this rate, we might end up losing Pearl Thusi to the Americans forever! But until then, we will enjoy and embrace her talents here at home.

In the meantime, who do you think Pearl Thusi should nominate for the #WomenDancingTogether challenge?

Lily Rose – All4Women

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