Twitter Drags Black Coffee For ‘E-mail Breakup’ And ‘Love Children’ Rumours

black coffee

Internationally renowned DJ Black Coffee’s week of woe has continued after he was slammed by Twitter users on Tuesday following his revelations to City Press about his divorce from actress Enhle Mbali.

Last week Enhle confirmed on social media that she had instituted divorce action against her husband of a decade, saying the past year had been a ‘rough one’, going on to ask for privacy during this time.

Now, speaking to City Press in a lengthy interview, Black Coffee recently claimed that the pair had ‘tried everything’, including seeing a therapist, to reconcile and save their marriage.


But it was one quote in particular which set digital tongues wagging on Twitter.

“In April this year, I sent a lengthy e-mail to her [Enhle] in which I suggested that we should separate and she should find a place to stay with the kids and I would pay for it. I did that because I wanted us to improve our marriage and to be more involved with them. But she declined the offer,”

Twitter users came out to slam the DJ for breaking up with Enhle by e-mail, which saw Black Coffee trending for most of Tuesday.

City Press also quoted anonymous sources who revealed that when the divorce matter does come to court, many revelations will surface, including evidence that Black Coffee has fathered two children outside of his marriage to Enhle, and that ‘these two children are very young – one is 14 months old and the other is 12 months old,’ the publication reports.

The source goes on to say, “What is sad is that the news was broken to Enhle informally by one of Maphumulo’s family members who told her that ‘these things happened in a marriage.”

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