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Trevor Noah Sends Troll Packing!

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

Being the host of The Daily Show and rubbing shoulders with the famous, people often forget that Trevor Noah is from South Africa and not Hollywood.

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But that’s okay, because Trevor wastes no time in reminding them.

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This is what happened when a follower questioned Trevor’s satirical views and comments on American politics, labelling him “biased” like a “Hollywood elitist”.

Trevor wasted no time in making sure the tweep was reminded that he’s from Soweto and not Hollywood, and told him to watch the show for the answer to his question

The person was evidently taken aback by Trevor’s spicy reply so went on to explain himself.

“I’ve watched Trevor’s show before so yes I know he’s from South Africa. My freshman year of college I wrote an essay about South African apartheid and how heroic Nelson Mandela was but yeah you’re right I probably couldn’t even point to South Africa on a map (sic),” he said.

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In true Mzansi style, Trevor’s fans applauded him for reminding his American fans that he’s South African!


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