#TheBachelorSA: Lee chooses his Top 3!

Lee Thompson has whittled down a selection of 24 eligible ladies to just three potential candidates, as The Bachelor looks to find the woman he’s going to settle down with forever.

We have definitely reached the business end of The Bachelor South Africa and although the first season of the show has been a roller coaster ride, the tension has reached its peak.

Last week’s episode of the popular dating show left us on the edges of our collective seats and it would take a brave soul to predict who Lee is going to end up with by the time the show reaches its conclusion.


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As many of us prepared to spend the Easter weekend with our loved ones, Lee found himself spending a different kind of family time as he visited the hometowns of his four remaining potential partners. From Pretoria, to Durban, to Klerksdorp without forgetting Jozi, Lee took the time to get to know Jozaan, Michelle R, Jacqui and Gina’s families respectively.

The meetings were intriguing, funny and at times even a little awkward as both Michelle and Jacqui’s best friends took their time grilling him with difficult questions.

He also had the opportunity to go on one-on-one dates with each of his potential Miss Rights.

The dates were fun, while the hometown visits were an opportunity for both Lee and the remaining contestants to show us a little more about where they are from and what motivates them.

However, in the end, Lee only had three roses to offer and although the decision was tough, it was Jacqui who had to miss out in the end.

Lee explained to her, “It wasn’t easy. You’re a special person. It was just a matter of taking everything into consideration.”

There would prove to be one last fragment of controversy outside of the show as last week’s evictee, Nontombi, revealed in an interview that she was okay with not getting a rose, because she would have rejected it!

The 28-year-old said that she had no regrets about being let go, “I was ready to leave because we didn’t know each other, mostly because I feel like he didn’t make an effort to get to know me. I was secretly hoping he’d offer me a rose so I could reject it, and I needed to have a normal “as we know it” goodbye with the ladies. However, I think he made the right choice for us both.”

Last week’s drama leaves Gina, Jozaan and Michelle R as Lee’s three potential suitors and although many have their predictions, nobody can tell who Lee is going to choose.

A quick look on Twitter will show you that it’s anybody’s game and each of the remaining finalists have almost equal support:

Potential spoiler alert?

One particular fan is convinced that Gina will walk away as the winner, however there is some evidence to back up her claim.

The tweep in question claims to have spotted Lee and Gina together in real life after filming for the show was said to have concluded. Could this just be a coincidence or has the anonymous tweep spoiled the final few weeks for the rest of us?

Let’s hear it from you, who do you think will walk away with the keys to Lee’s heart?

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