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Successful, savvy & stylish – How Connie Ferguson became a superstar!

Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson was recently named as one of Glamour magazine’s ‘Women of the Year 2018’.

The publication recognised the actress for her contribution in the Film & Television industry.

At 48, Connie remains one of the most respected entertainers in South Africa.

She also never ages!

Connie Ferguson


Karabo Moroka

Connie became a household name in 1994 when she burst onto our screens as the loveable Karabo Moroka. Her beauty captivated viewers but it was Connie’s talent as an actress that helped make the iconic character unforgettable.

She spent 16 years playing Karabo and would go on to reprise the role three times before leaving the soapie for good in 2016.

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Actress turned businesswoman

Connie is more than just a pretty face. Instead of relying on her good looks to get her TV roles, she used her brains to build an empire. She realised early on that, despite getting a big pay cheque, there wasn’t must stability in the industry.

“We are what is called independent contractors, meaning you get paid only when you work,” she said at the Durban Business Fair’s Women Economic Engagement forum in September.

Like many celebrities, Connie started off by using her star power to create beauty care products like her own body lotion. She was also the first local star to launch her very own celebrity fragrance.

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Turning her passion into an empire

Despite a successful venture into the beauty industry, Connie had bigger plans for her future and they were linked to her first love – acting. Another love in her life – her husband Shona Ferguson – would also play a huge role in one of her biggest career moves.

Four months after meeting in 2001, Connie and Shona tied the knot. She says her relationship with her equally ambitious husband made her take her brand more seriously. The couple set up their own production company, Ferguson Films, and have never looked back.

“In 2010, I did the scariest thing ever and left Generations, sometimes this is where you have to trust your instincts and take a chance. I had sleepless nights thinking if I had made the right decision. We knocked on many doors and eventually M-net’s door opened,” Sunday Tribune quoted her as saying. The company has helped create hit TV shows like Rockville and The Queen. Connie and Shona are reportedly now worth millions.


She remained humble

Despite being one of the most famous women in South Africa, Connie remained humble. While many A-list stars end up broke after a few years or get caught up in the lavish lifestyle of being a celebrity, Connie was money smart.

“Some months would be dry and some months it would be like rain, so on the heavy rain months, I would make sure I preserved for the dry months and this became my practical training into business management,” she said during a speaking event several months ago.

You also won’t hear people complaining about Connie being a diva. She is always professional on set and her smile is contagious!

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A role model for women

Connie wears many hats. She’s a businesswoman, actress, wife, mother and grandmother. The 48-year-old wears all her hats with pride and is an inspiration to many women. Despite making it all look so easy, Connie says she has a great support team to help her. “I have help. I am not in denial because I am no superwoman,” she told Confidente in an interview.

Connie is all about supporting women and says that acting has helped her tell stories that could help others. She recalled at a Woman of Substance Association (WOSA) conference in 2013 how she had to return to work soon after suffering a miscarriage at the age of 38.

“I had to return to work a day after the incident and worst of all I had to act as a pregnant Karabo. She too lost her baby and nearly lost her mind. It was not easy. My acting career through Karabo is a calling to help many other women going through the same scenarios. The responses I get from women are overwhelming. You should know that you are not exclusive to your problems.”

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A TV favourite

Connie has been working so hard, that after these past two decades she can afford to sit back and relax. But she has no plans of slowing down. Her business ventures continue to grown and South Africans still enjoy seeing her on their TV screens.

Ten years from now Connie will still be doing what she does best, creating good TV in front of and behind the camera.

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