Skolopad confirms: The engagement is off!

2019 has already claimed its first celebrity relationship casualty, after Skolopad confirmed that she had broken off her engagement and left her man behind in 2018.

Skolopad’s engagement grabbed our attention in September 2018, when she revealed that she had said “yes” to the love of her life. The aspiring gospel musician had been dating her boyfriend for six months when he popped the question and she did not hesitate to say yes.

Although the dynamics of the relationship were tricky, Skolopad was determined to make it work. She publicly revealed that she was taking on the role of the man’s second wife but said at the time that she did not mind sharing her husband-to-be.


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Fast forward to 2019, and it appears that the relationship peaked before it could truly blossom.

After sustaining injuries in a traumatic accident, Skolopad reportedly looked to her fiancé for support and was shocked by the response.

Not only did he fail to spend time with her after her crash, but the singer reveals that he even used her scars to belittle her. She took to Facebook to reveal that she was no longer happy in her relationship and had decided to break the engagement off before things advanced further:

“I regretted being engaged I even quit b4 I even stayed with him he talks to me like m his child n he even remaindered me m stucked with him no 1 will love me cos m just a scrap with scars (sic)”

She also claimed that her ex-fiancé was trying to scam the Road Accident Fund out of money by asking Skolopad to declare fabricated injuries. After deciding that enough was enough, Skolopad left the man and shared an update with her followers:

The controversial socialite is facing a crucial time in her career this year. After breaking out in 2016 and enjoying the spotlight in 2018, 2019 looks to be an important year for the nurse and gospel singer (among many other professions) if she wants to prove herself to be a long-lasting South African celebrity.

Becoming single again, and operating with a clear mind prove to be the first steps she is taking towards that. In an interview with The Juice, she revealed why she finally decided to leave her fiancé behind:

“He last saw me in the hospital. I told myself that if he doesn’t come see me before 2019, he is staying in 2018. He hasn’t even paid or seen my family, but acts like he owns me.”

Do you think that she has made the right decision for her peace of mind?

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