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Simphiwe Dana wants to take #DataMustFall fight to court

Simphiwe Dana has become the new celebrity face of the #DataMustFall campaign

Radio personality Tbo Touch previously held the honour.

South Africans labelled him the messiah of the campaign in 2016, after he vowed to get cellphone networks to drop their high mobile date prices. He even threatened to approach ICASA over the matter.

But he was soon labelled a sellout and the “Judas of our time” after he scored a deal with that seemed to mostly benefit his online radio station, Touch Central (now Touch HD).

Enter Simphiwe Dana – our new ‘data must fall’ hero.

The singer was left fuming after she was charged R63 000 for two months of data usage.

The drama started after Simphiwe got a R35 000 bill from her mobile service provider for data she used in one month

She complained that her provider kept charging her for data without notifying her that she had reached her “limit”.

The company allegedly fixed the problem, but Simphiwe was slapped with a R28 000 bill the following month.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Simphiwe says she is considering a class action lawsuit against SA’s data providers.

She has reportedly approached advocate Dali Mpofu for advice.

“I asked him how it works. He said that if we have enough people, which I found out is 40, with similar complaints to mine we can go ahead with it. I am looking for those people now. I have asked them to DM me their cases and we will fight it together. I am taking it slow but Dali seems keen to get involved and I don’t mind if he and the EFF take up the fight,” she told the publication.

Simphiwe added that data should be a ‘basic human right”.

“It is elitist, criminal and anti-poor. It is time that something is done. It is unjustifiable.”

By Lily Rose – All4Women

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