Shona On The Secret To A Happy Marriage

shona ferguson

At a time when celebrity relationships are falling like dominoes, Shona and Connie Ferguson have remained as steady and loving as they have always been.

Connie and Shona Ferguson

Marriage is difficult, and maintaining a good, healthy, well-natured one is even trickier but somehow the Fergusons look like one of those couples that simply have it right. They are successful in their own respects, and they are successful together.


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Despite being in the public eye, one thing that Shona and Connie are very good at is maintaining some privacy in their relationship. In an interview a magazine recently, Shona explains why this makes a difference in their marriage:

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“There is no trick to making a marriage work. We don’t focus too much on the outside because no one from the outside truly knows us.”

It seems too obvious to say, but when you’re married, you need to also love the person you’re with tremendously; an area where you’ll never catch Shona slacking. He gushed over her in a later portion of that same interview saying:

“She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. My wife is my biggest and best gift because it’s so easy to be with her. Even on the days she doesn’t like me or I don’t like her – and it happens in any relationship – she is everything to me.”

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