SEE: Flex Rabanyan’s Blew R250k – In A Month!

Rapper Flex has fallen on hard times, and has shared his hardships on Twitter

Flex Rabanyan’s life seemed to be set after winning Season 2 of Vuzu’s The Hustle!, but that’s seems not to be the case.

His prizes included R250 000, a car and a record deal, and despite turning down the latter, his star was on the rise. But now Flex has admitted that he didn’t use his winnings wisely and is in such a bad financial state that he is forced to sell the car.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper posted the following:


And when a follower asked what happened to the substantial prize money, he claims to have blown it all – within a month!

Flex replied, “Yes I won R250k and due new money syndrome, I finished that in a month. I’ve taken time to get financial education so as to NEVER make those mistakes again. And I am still 23, there’s enough time to die rich.”

We’re glad Flex seems to be using the experience to wisen up on money matters, and we hope to see him back in the pounds seats in no time!