SA Designer Angela Yeung To Trek With Thuli Madonsela

Renowned jewellery designer and philanthropist Angela Yeung is preparing to summit Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro for the second time, in the name of charity.


JEN:  Hi Angela! Tell me more about the Thuli Madonsela Executive Trek to commemorate National Women’s Day in South Africa.  


ANGELA: Hey Jen, the Thuli Madonsela Executive Trek 2019 will have 27 in our executive group of 100 combined, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on the 9th of August, to commemorate National Women’s Day and raise funds for the Caring4girls menstrual hygiene programme and TREK100 under the umbrella of the Imbumba Foundation as a joint initiative with the Nelson Mandela Foundation.  I’m honoured to be a part of this project.

Former Public Protector Professor Thuli Madonsela and Angela Yeung at the Trek4Mandela Fundraising Dinner, Houghton Golf Club


JEN:  You’ve already completed one expedition to Kilimanjaro. Tell me more about the experience and the charity you worked with? 

ANGELA:  I joined the expedition to climb Kilimanjaro last year to honour Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday summiting on the 18th July 2018.  It was a difficult climb physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging – but also very rewarding, knowing that the climb was going to help so many girls retain their dignity.  This thought in my mind, is what kept me going throughout the difficult climb.

Angela addressing the Trek4Mandela Fundraising Dinner, recalling her first experience summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro



JEN:  Wow, and you’re going to climb again! How did your collaboration with Thuli come about?

ANGELA:  I met (Former Public Protector) Thuli (Madonsela) when she delivered her keynote address at the Nedbank Private Wealth function to launch her book.  Then the Imbumba Foundation approached me to join Thuli on the 8th year of the Trek4Mandela climb for Kilimanjaro.

Professor Thuli Madonsela is training for her Executive Trek and the Trek4Mandela expedition to summit Mount Kilimanjaro for National Women’s Day.

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JEN:  Now you’re also a renowned jewellery designer, having previously been awarded the AngloGold Ashanti Design award.  You also created a bespoke pendant named the Kilimanjaro Star by Impilo Collection Jewellery, which was recently auctioned by ProVerb during the recent Thuli Madonsela gala dinner.  What was the inspiration behind this pendant and how was it designed?

 ANGELA: I was delighted and humbled to design the Kilimanjaro Star pendant, to contribute to the Trek4Mandela for Caring4girls.  My inspiration for this pendant came from the colours and textures of Kilimanjaro so I used 18 carat white gold, Tanzanite in the centre, and surrounded with 27 diamonds representing 27 years of suffering of Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment.


The Kilimanjaro Star by Impilo Collection Jewellery


JEN: You have also been involved with many important charities, such as Caring4Girls, 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela, the Hong Ning Chinese Aged Home and UNICEF SA and many other charities under the umbrella of the CSI – (Diamond Dealers Club of SA)  What has been the most personally fulfilling part of working with these charities? 

ANGELA: To be part of the African spirit of Ubuntu by assisting humanity.  And to be involved in helping children suffering from abuse, and to keep climbing more mountains – because every woman in the world has to climb her personal mountains every day!

Angela Yeung, in her first summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. This will be her second trek for charity.

Individuals can support the climbers of Trek4Mandela supporting Caring4girls by sending an SMS with “ANGELA” to 42513 to make a pledge of R30.

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